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Yoga Life Training
with Peter Masters

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yoga teacher training brisbane 2017

The course is suitable for interstate people too as the main structure is one weekend per month in Brisbane.

Yoga Life Training

The Yoga Life Training Course is a one-year training in yoga and related disciplines. Experiential in nature, it’s designed for people wishing to teach and share yoga as well as for those looking to enhance their overall quality of life.

Okido Yoga is the main inspiration for the YLT course. Grounded in classical yoga and combined with the Japanese Zen tradition, it incorporates elements from many disciplines including zen, taoism, traditional eastern medicine, the martial arts, hatha yoga and shiatsu. It was created by the Japanese master, Masahiro Oki. Okido is a holistic way of listening to the life force that addresses four main areas: movement, breathing, mind-heart and diet. A yoga for daily life, it encourages a wide range of experiences to awaken an individual’s ability to live a happy, healthy and contributive life.

yoga teacher training brisbane 2017

Body & Breath: Regular yoga practice helps to strengthen the body, enhance the personal energy field and harmonise the breath. The Japanese yoga tradition has a focus on developing the core, or Hara, and stimulating the vital energy, or Ki, by utilising specific methods of breath, movement and asana.

Mind-Heart & Diet: A stronger, more flexible body enhances mental and emotional stability and the capacity for meditation. Meditation balances the inner essence by consciously creating a positive mind and attitude. A balanced, mindful diet also contributes greatly to an effective yoga practice and overall wellbeing.


YLT retreat February 2016

The YLT course is taught in line with the seasons so that trainees get to experience the nature and qualities of each element and season as the year unfolds. The course is for people who have a keen interest in yoga and aims to teach safe, effective practices and principles that allow for more health, happiness and peace of mind. The team of senior teachers leading the course are committed to participants realising their yoga training and wellbeing goals.

Yoga Australia - Level 1 Yoga Instructor
Graduates of the Yoga Life Training course can join Yoga Australia as Level 1 Yoga Instructors.


Okido Yoga classes at Zen Central Yoga Studio Brisbane
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