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Stretching & HOGUSHI Massage

by Saburo Ishii

A Handbook for Yoga, Sport and Daily Life. To prevent injuries and ease pain. Full of illustrations as demonstrations to release muscle stiffness and improve our overall health and wellbeing. This is first time one of Saburo Ishii's books has been published in English.


- Uneven movement makes your body stiff!
- The reasons why the body needs to be released
- Releasing your body with HOGUSHI Massage
- HOGUSHI Massage for your heart

There are columns on diet, the history of yoga, and tanden/ki. The HOGUSHI Massage technique is very effective and can be applied to yoga, sports, rehabilitation, aged care and daily life.

There are detailed instructions and photos on HOGUSHI Massage for the: *Hips *Legs *Groin Area *Side of the Torso *Abdomen *Lower Back *Shoulder Blades *Neck & Back of the Head *Shoulders & Arms

Another chapter applies the relevant HOGUSHI Massage to 18 traditional Hatha Yoga Asanas.

Daniel Weber has written a foreword in the book where he says:
"Mr Ishii's simple but elegant approach to managing the body-mind is of enormous benefit to all. The approach can be practised by everyone and requires a fine attention to oneself. The way is easy but profound in effect. This is truly ‘teaching with the heart’ and I recommend this valuable book with all its wisdom.”

About the Author

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Saburo Ishii was born in Tokyo in 1944. He has been researching Zen, Buddhism prayers, sleep improvement methods, fasting, Soutaihou (Natural Movement) and Hatha yoga for 40 years.

He started studying Oki Yoga under Masahiro Oki, the founder of Oki Yoga, in 1977. Soon after, he and his wife Hisae Ishii, established the Family Yoga School in Kanda, Tokyo. For more than 30 years he's been teaching Yoga and fasting at classes, workshops and retreats.

As well as teaching in Japan, he's also taught in Taiwan, Brazil, Australia and America, building networks around the world. He is an advisor to Taiwan Okido Yoga. He has also written 'Karadanikiku Yoga' (published in Japanese by Gendaishorin).


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* ISBN: 978-0-646-56499-9
* Paperback: 98 pages
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$30 + $5 postage (within Aust)

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